Make Sure Your Warehouse is Ready for Summer!


The summer is finally upon us. Your mind may be wandering to thoughts of your upcoming holiday; relaxing on beaches or travelling round ancient ruins in Europe. From a business perspective however, it may be worth considering how summer will affect work. The summer months bring challenges for many warehouses and production sites, such as increased production and high temperatures. In this article we will be looking at how to best prepare your warehouse for summer, from cleaning and maintaining equipment to installing outdoor fixtures and cycle shelters.

Clean and Shine

For a lot of warehouses and manufacturing sites, the summer means a long, uncomfortable and busy period of business. To make sure your site is ready for the hot months ahead, spend time cleaning and servicing your warehouse. Firstly all machines and equipment need to be fully serviced. They will be working long and hard in the months ahead, and the increase in temperature could affect their performance. Clean and service any fans or vents you have spread around the warehouse. It is likely that in the hot months ahead they will be working much more frequently than usual. It is important they are in good, clean, working order before the hot months hit.

Clean and maintain all lights and fixtures. With heat, employees become more easily exhausted, and with exhaustion, the likelihood of accidents occurring increases significantly. A simple fall from height can seriously injure employees. By changing and fixing lights, making sure they don’t fail during the summer, you will be significantly reducing the risks posed to employees. The same goes for any other fixtures attached to the ceiling or otherwise.

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Control the Climate

Warehouses are some of the worse places to be during hot summer months. These places can get hot and stuffy, especially on the hottest of summer days. The problem is much worse if your warehouse is old and doesn’t have temperature control techniques. These adverse conditions can significantly effect the comfort and efficiency of employees. Especially if your warehouse requires lots of onsite employees to keep it running, it may be wise to invest in some sort of temperature or climate control.

What exactly you invest in depends upon where you are, the nature of your warehouse, and how hot it is likely to get. Installing ceiling fans is one of the cheapest options. These can blow air throughout your manufacturing plant, helping set up convention currents and transfer heat. Depending on how hot it is, and how hot the outside air is, these may not be able to sufficiently cool your warehouse.

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The other main option is air conditioning systems. These work much better than ceiling fans and actually  control the temperature in the warehouse as opposed to just cooling it to a certain extent. Depending on the size and space of the area in the warehouse to be cooled however, this could be quite expensive. Air conditioning units could be installed as permanent fixtures throughout the warehouse, or as smaller, mobile conditioning units. These could cool smaller spaces or be used more flexibly.

Make the Most of the Sunshine

As well as actually getting the warehouse ready for the heat, consider what you can do for your employees. When it is hot and the sun is shining, your employees will likely be thinking of spending time outside and enjoying the sun, not stuck in a dark warehouse. To help with this and improve employee motivation, invest in some outdoor fixtures.

Cycle Shelters

Get some seating benches and picnic benches to place outside your warehouse, along with other outdoor furniture such as bins and water fountains. Your employees can therefore take breaks outside, meaning they get to enjoy the sun while at work. Your employees may be thinking about coming to work a different way, by cycling or otherwise. Cycle shelters are therefore a great way  to accommodate for this. Cycle shelters offer the option for employees to cycle to work and enjoy the sunshine. The cycle shelters you can choose come in a variety of capacities, with some being able to accommodate up to 48 bikes.

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