3 Ways to Optimise Warehouse Space


To stay competitive in this ever more challenging industry, it is important that you are efficient in all aspects of your business. One way to do this is to optimise your warehouse space. To get the best value for money out of the warehouse, it is important to optimise the capacity of the warehouse to its maximum. There are a few good ways to do this.

1. Mezzanine Floors

Companies looking to maximise the capacity of their warehouse will often look at how they can get the most out of the floor space. A better idea would be first to consider how free vertical space could be better utilised. If you have at least 5m or more of available headroom in your warehouse, a mezzanine floor can be employed. This creates a whole new layer to your warehouse, and therefore almost doubles the current capacity of the warehouse. Prices range from £80 – £130 per square meter, much cheaper than, say, moving to another, bigger warehouse space.

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2. Higher Racking

As discussed, a great way to optimise the capacity of your warehouse space is to utilise available headroom. A mezzanine floor is a great way of doing this. However, if you don’t have the minimum required 5m of clearance, or a mezzanine floor seems too expensive at the moment, a simpler solution can be employed. Installing higher racking is a simple way of utilising free headroom in the warehouse. This can essentially add another layer to your operations. It may not add the same capacity as a mezzanine floor. However, it will provide a simple and easy to implement solution to enhance warehouse space.

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                    Why Racking Should be as Versatile as Possible

3. Optimised Aisle Width

Perhaps you have ran out of all the available headroom in the warehouse. Another cheap and easy way to increase warehouse capacity is to optimise racking aisle width. By packing aisles closer together, but wide enough so a forklift can move about them, room for new aisles can be generated in the warehouse. This therefore increases the capacity of the warehouse space.

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