Palletisation: How to Never Break a Pallet Again


Palletising goods is an incredibly convenient way to move them in bulk. Properly palletised loads can be safely transported from the manufacturing site, through distribution centres all the way to the end customer. However, in certain cases pallets can easily break and lead to product damage. Look through the following palletisation tips to make sure you never break a pallet again!

  1. Pallet size

Determining a pallet size required for a job is a very important step. This is influenced by the size of goods, their weight and also the size of a container they will be shipped in. Boxes that goods come in are usually square-sized for convenient transportation and so choosing the right type and size of a pallet shouldn’t be a tough task.

  1. Pallet condition

Thorough inspection of pallets before loading is essential to avoid accidents which can cause huge losses and are easily avoidable. Rotten and broken pallets shouldn’t be used at all. The same goes for nails sticking out of the wood, unless you can fix this quickly.

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  1. Overloading

Pallets have specific capacity depending on the model. In this case, the capacity of a pallet truck or a forklift also matters. Never go above the weight limit just to save some time. This can easily turn against you and lead to damage of palletised goods. Stacking boxes too high may also lead to forklift accidents that are dangerous not only for the loads, but also forklift driver and pedestrians, as well as surrounding racking and machinery.

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  1. Product security

This is the last step before palletised goods can be securely moved. Stretch and shrink wrapping are the two most common and secure palletisation practices. To ensure that the product will not be tampered with, additional strapping could be used.

  1. Transport

To avoid product damage, speeding has to be avoided at all times. Forklift operators need to stay alert, have good visibility and appropriate training. We have discussed ways to avoid forklift accidents in our recent article.

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