How to Start When You Need to Build a Warehouse


Industrial tents are very useful, temporary warehouses that can be of use to any company wishing to temporarily increase storage capacity, act as increased floor space, or be used for something completely different. The design of an industrial tent is naturally more simplistic than if the objective was to build a warehouse. However, there is still a clear process and procedure to designing these useful, reusable buildings. In this article we will be looking at the process behind the construction of an industrial tent.

Ground Survey

The first step in designing the industrial tent is to undertake a ground survey at the proposed construction site. Here the constructor is looking to see if there is sufficient firm ground, if some temporary foundations will need to be placed, the proximity of roads, forests etc. This first step is to ensure the construction is feasible, similar to if we were to build a warehouse, tent or any other building.

Initial Design

After verifying the construction site is ok, the next step is to perform the initial design. This will take into account the required floor space of the industrial tent and therefore the required height and shape. Things to consider here include what the tents use, the number of access points required, whether to use insulation or not etc.

Finding Suppliers To Build a Warehouse

Once the design is finished suppliers will need to be identified so construction can begin. The suppliers used largely depend on the materials of construction required, location of the site and budget and therefore vary from project to project.


After collecting supplies and  fulfilling all of the design considerations, construction begins.  Construction times on industrial tents vary but can be as short as 3-7 days. This is much shorter than if we were actually to build a warehouse. Once constructed however, the upkeep/maintenance cost is pretty much negligible and the construct is completely relocatable.

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