3 Ways of Getting a Career in Logistics


If you have read our previous post on the advantages of working in material handling and logistics, you might now be wondering how to actually get into the industry. To follow that up we are going to outline some of the ways you can establish a career in logistics. It is a massively important industry with job roles for a whole variety of people. Entry level job positions include operations staff, process associates, research analysts and many more. Read more below to find out how you can get a career in logistics and material handling.


Apprenticeships are a fantastic way of securing a career in logistics, whilst also getting vital on the job training. To qualify for an apprenticeship you just need to be 16 or over, there’s no extra educational requirements or any need for you to have prior experience. Entry-level job apprenticeships usually include van drivers, forklift truck operators, IT and many more.

Logistics is a massive and essential to the world industry. Gaining experience in it at a young age will give you excellent employment prospects. The training offered as apprenticeships doesn’t not need any prior academic qualifications meaning you are free to concentrate on your career rather then spending time and money getting further education. Once trained up, there is almost always a full time position waiting for you. The pay isn’t bad either and as you earn while you learn you can expect the get much better salaries as you progress. A qualified forklift engineer, for example, can earn as much as £30,000 per year.

Work Experience

No matter where you are coming from, school or university, work experience is an excellent way of establishing a career in logistics. It also lets you see for yourself whether you will enjoy it. Once you’ve got the work experience you will hold a distinct advantage over other candidates applying for a position in the logistics industry.

Work experience can come in a variety of ways. If you are a current university student, a summer or year long internship is a great way to go. Most of the advertised formal internships will be from the large organisations such as Arriva. However, these will be competitive and it may be a better idea to try engineer your own opportunities. The majority of logistics companies are small and medium sized enterprises that won’t advertise formal internship schemes.  Approaching these companies by targeting and writing speculative applications is a good way of establishing lines of contact and securing work experience.

Just like apprenticeships, internships and placements are great ways into the industry.  If you impress your employers enough you may well get a full time employment offer. Be aware though that some of the smaller companies may not be able to pay you depending on how long you work. So you may have to accept volunteering to get your experience.

University Degree for a Career in Logistics

Studying at a degree level can give you the skills and qualifications you need to establish a career in logistics, especially if you study a relevant degree. Most university graduates enter a career in logistics by securing a management training scheme with large companies such as Morrison’s. The type of degree you study may be important depending on the type of job role you are seeking. Supply chain and logistics degrees are available from such universities as Northumbria, Huddersfield and Portsmouth. These will give you a distinct advantage when applying for graduate schemes. However, in most cases you can have any degree to apply for logistic positions, preferably in business or economics based subjects.

Engineering roles however will require some sort of engineering degree. Logistics and supply chain engineering roles will be catered more towards general engineering or mechanical engineering degrees. However, in most cases any engineering degree will be accepted. Again, when it comes to securing graduate jobs speculative applications are a good way to go.

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