Pallet Ideas: How to Reuse Old Pallets


What is the first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions pallets? I bet it is warehousing. Most people would think of it. Or at least most would associate it with logistics. However, in the recent years we’ve been seeing more and more great DIY pallet ideas. Reusing pallets and converting them into something useful is on the rise now! Here are some amazing ideas that will give your unused pallets a second life.

Outdoor pallet ideas

The most popular in this category would definitely be planters. They come in various shapes and sizes. Such planters can be placed on the ground or suspended above it. You can plant flowers or have a little fruit and vegetable garden. Paint the wood and make it more unique and attractive!

Pallets can also be used for compost systems. It is surely one of the cheapest ways to compost. Although the gaps in pallets can be a bit too big. Lining pallet with a cardboard is a good solution. For this idea make sure to use untreated wood. Otherwise, chemicals may contaminate your crops.

Next is furniture and pathways. If you are looking for a new sofa, table or other pieces of furniture perfect for your garden- look no further! Pallet ideas are exactly what you are looking for. Cheap and easy DIY for a sunny weekend outside. You can also make your own garden pathway using wooden elements.

Indoor Pallet Ideas

Just like in the garden, pallets are perfect for creating unique furniture. If you dream of a bed that is exactly the size you always wanted, make sure to check out pallet beds! All of us also enjoy a good movie night with friends. Converting a room into a mini-cinema has never been easier! Multi-level pallet sofas are ideal for such events. Not to mention coffee tables, book shelves and shoe racks! Play around in your kitchen and add some pallet-based cooking islands. Or display old fancy wine bottles in creative pallet wine racks. And for the most active out there you can even make bike racks out of old pallets.

Whatever you decide to do, you will definitely find a great way to reuse your old pallets. Even if you don’t have any pallets are cheap and easy to get. You can customise it yourself or get an already finished project. Either way, pallet ideas bring both eco benefits and fun aspects to your life!

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