5 creative ways of using concrete at home


Concrete blocks are usually used in construction of commercial and residential housing but there is so much more you can do with it yourself! We thought of five incredible ways to enhance the look of your house and use up any concrete leftovers you might have. But before starting we would advice you to hire a professional to at least build a concrete retaining wall so you wouldn’t have to start everything from scratch.

5 Concrete Ideas:

  1. Mosaic/glass retaining wall

This could be a great addition to your back yard or garden. If you have a lot of empty wine bottles you were meaning to get rid of, there is no better way of putting them to a good use than building a bottle concrete wall. Perfect way for the whole family to show off their creative skills as there is no right or wrong way of doing it. The bottles spread our unevenly? Call it modern art.

  1. Kitchen and bathroom countertops

Concrete countertops are continuously entering the homes of many people all around the world and we know why. A cheaper and even better looking version of granite countertops is one of the reasons. Achieving different colours is another – want a ruby red or a vintage counter? It is all doable!

  1. Bedroom design

You can use blocks of concrete in interior design as well: for bed frames, raised bed gardens, headboards or whatever else you can think of! The key here is creativity. Improvise!

  1. Garden furniture

Using concrete to build outdoor furniture is another option for creative (and brave) minds. If you do it right, you can have some really good-looking tables, chairs and benches as a result. Just throw a few blankets and cushions over the top and you got yourself some new inexpensive garden furniture.

  1. Fireplace wall

The fireplace is the centrepiece of any living room so don’t be scared of changes and play around with different designs concrete can give you. There are so many ways you can experiment with a concrete wall – dye it into a different colour, add prints and patterns, mosaic or even your children handprints.

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