5 most remarkable engineers of all time


If it wasn’t for the engineers, the world would have been in a completely different state now – buildings, computers, Internet, medicine – all of this is created by them. Let’s see what the most remarkable engineers of all time have done to ease our lives.

Thomas Edison

The list wouldn’t even start without one of the most prolific inventors of his time, Thomas Edison. Most people would associate him with a creation of a light bulb (although he didn’t technically create a light bulb as such, he worked on electric light and produced an incandescent light bulb). His other famous inventions include the world’s first commercially sold fluoroscope, motion picture camera, carbon microphone and electric power distribution.

Henry Ford

The founder of the world-known automobile company, Henry Ford was the first to manufacture a mass-produced car. But what he is most notable for is the assembly line for manufacturing automobiles. Initially he used train rails in the production, which was a close enough prototype of the modern manufacturing system.

The Wright Brothers

Two America scientists and inventors, Wilbur and Orville Wright, are responsible (and subsequently famous) for designing the first real (and flying!) plane. The first powered and controlled flight happened under their direct supervision in 1903 and just 2 years later they built a fully practical plane.

Nikola Tesla

An electrical and mechanical engineer form Serbia Nikola Tesla has changed the world in incredible ways. For one, he developed the alternating current system, which is still used for power distribution in North America. A few of his other great inventions include fluorescent light bulbs, an X-ray machine, remote control and lasers.

Nicolaus Otto

Born in Germany, Nicolaus Otto spent his whole life pioneering the engineering industry. He made sustainable contribution to the development and production of engines building the gasoline-powered engine and the internal combustion engine.

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