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Mondays are indeed the busiest days of the week and we made sure you are not missing out on any important events happening in manufacturing, logistics and construction markets! Scroll down to know the latest industry news.


UK manufacturing is experiencing the biggest drop in growth since 2013. The gap between Britain and EU is rising higher than ever, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Nonetheless, the industry is still looking for new people and is struggling to employ skilled workers. Skills shortage is now the biggest threat to the manufacturing industry.


A new logistics chain between UK and Africa has recently gained exposure. The University of Hull and Moroccan Link, a state-owned transport company, launched several supply chain projects together and this will in turn open African market to logistics firms across the UK.

Aldi is opening its biggest distribution centre in the UK. Having an area of above 600,000 sq ft, the site in Bolton is going to employ 550 relocated employees and will also open up a hundred new logistics positions.


Similar to what’s happening to the manufacturing industry, UK construction growth is also experiencing a major drop. Housebuilding has slowed down to its weakest rate in three years.

A group of architects from Cambridge Univeristy and a few other firms have presented a proposal to build an 80 storey high timber skyscraper in London. This project will potentially create about a 1,000 new residential spaces.


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