Engineering Made Easier – 3 Top Sites to Help Out


‘Easy’ is the last word you would use to describe engineering. It is high-tech and advanced, and definitely is not easy. But some things can make the life of an engineer a little bit simpler. We found three amazing websites to help out engineers in need. Apps reviews, webinars and a supplier network – all to the rescue!

Engineering apps

All of us have a plentiful of apps on our phones: concentration apps, fitness apps, recipes, social media sites, etc. And whilst it isn’t difficult to simply search for an app you need or look through the relevant categories in Apple Store or Google Play engineering apps are trickier to find and do not necessarily look as good on the outside as games and running apps. Engineering Shared have descriptions and reviews of numerous apps that can be of a great use to fellow engineers. They’ve also got job vacancies and general advice on the site as well – click through to check them out!


Another great website with lots of news, videos and even games – But what we are most interested in are their webinars. Click here to check the list of various courses that are also free to register for – they have quite a few happing this month on the topics of simulation apps, CAE workflows and consumer product development.

Engineering products

Whether you need electronic components, plant equipment, chemicals or just looking for advice – this is your place to go. Search for whatever you need and you’ll find a product story, information about the supplier and an option to contact them if that product is exactly what you need. There are also relevant articles to help you decide and choose just the correct item.

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